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Help Us Put Some Polish on Ubuntu Studio

We are proud to have Ubuntu Studio 16.04 out in the wild. And the next release can and should be better. It WILL be better if you help!

Are there specific packages that should be included or removed? Are there features you would like to see? We cannot promise to do everything you ask, but we will give all ideas consideration!

Write your suggestions and / or contributions in the comments or send them to improve [AT] ubuntustudio [DOT] org

21 Responses to “Help Us Put Some Polish on Ubuntu Studio”

  1. wilmanzendart@ymail.com Says:

    please make an own xfce theme or (like before) OR if you can, i hope you can create UStudio own desktop (black-dark-themes is elegant for Artist OS and of course lightweight desktop). with xfce, its too much bug, especially on indicator plugin.
    conclusion: I think Ubuntu Studio would be perfect if it have own lightweight desktop and elegant and can run all graphics, videos, audios app perfectly.
    btw, i’m really love Ubuntu Studio as always :)

  2. danilo-bs Says:

    Well, i think that a huge improvement would be switching to rolling-updates (I understand this is not a exclusive matter of UbuntuStudio). But it affects this ubuntu distro more than others. On a production machine, is not viable to install, backup, tweak and organize everything every 2 years. This is counter-productive. Not all thinks will work on the new LTS version. I think that would be a motherload improvement for Ubuntu Studio. But don’t understand me wrong… Ubuntu Studio its a great distro and a very important one. But it should be more focused on the production state, on liability! Thank you for your good work, cheers!

  3. magluss@hotmail.com Says:

    love ubuntu studio , although compatibility with nvidia gt 440 is a disaster. On the other hand I would, if they could apply , and programs that work well by default, as VLC, OBS studio , Synaptic , Gparted , ubuntu tweak , and make it clearer that do after installing ubuntu studio . Goodies restrictive , if I rely for this on ubuntu or xubuntu . Perhaps also some more modern icons theme. Sometimes it hangs or quits unexpectedly in some programs, for example kdenlive and I had to install version 16.04 , now does less.
    Otherwise , it’s great , I like and I bet by ubuntu studio for some time . Despite my basic English written and read, I like to collaborate in Spanish . Now I write from a translator. A Musical greeting and encouragement is terrific Ubuntu Studio 16. thanks for your Work!!

  4. jerry-jerryreed Says:

    This version 16.04 has been with very few problems and is running very smoothly for me with one exception, DEB installs. That problem is not as much an Ubuntu Studio problem as it is a problem with the backbone of Ubuntu. However, installing deb files can easily be accomplished by first installing Gdebi. Another concern I have is the color themes in Audacity. I would rather have more vivid color differences for such things as markers and the scroll bars horizontal and vertical. The subtle differences in shades of blue make it difficult to see at times. That probably is something for the Audacity developers to consider. The only other problem I have is the one device one software committment of Pulse Audio. If Jack were simpler to use or the default, that would be a gift. If I could use Skype and Audacity at the same time or Google Chrome audio (using ipDTL) and Audacity at the same time, my life would be so much simpler. For now I seem to need two sounds cards to accomplish this.

  5. cjcanhoto Says:

    It is too good a distro to be stuck to only one desktop environment. If you don’t like Xfce, either you have to install another one over it (which does not always work very well) or you can’t use Ubuntustudio. One option would be, of course, to have its own DE, like someone suggested already. Other options would be to have, let’s say, Mate or Cinnamon as options. Or even LXDE.

  6. ted@radiotechniques.com Says:

    As suggested by danilo-bs above the LTS should remain viable longer than a normal desktop distro. Many installations are “appliances” that do a single job and do it well. I propose continuing the three year full support scheme, with security and bugfix updates and perhaps really important improvements continuing until 6 months after the second LTS XX.04.1 version is released into the wild. This will permit skipping every other LTS release and waiting until the bugfix release is out. People have lots of favored setups, tuning for jack, etc. A new LTS release may do things sufficiently differently that the old setups might not work. After 4 years+ it is time for new hardware. One can substitute new machines along with the software for the old ones, whereas after two or three years the gear is not yet written off.

  7. oracular20@yahoo.com Says:

    In my opinion, there is packages that can improve ubuntustudio to a science-art distro:
    Game engines:
    Ogre3d – Urho3d – Panda3d – Godot engine – BGE (or UPBGE) – GDevelop – SDL – SFML – Clanlib – Allegro – love2d
    OpenFrameworks – Processing – cosos2d-x – cocos creator – qici engine – superpower game engine –

    Robotics, Electronics and visualizations:
    ROS – MRPT – MORSE – Gazebo – Arduino IDE – Fritzing – eagle – Scilab – GVRng –

    Meshlab – Makehuman – Freecad – Librecad – Mypaint – Natron – Carmetal –

    Eclipse-parallel – Codeblocks – Codelite – Qtcreator – Kdevelop – AptanaStudio – Theide (upp) – …

    gcc-multilib – g++-multlib – java – python (numpy – scipy – matplotlib) – gnu-smalltalk – ML – lisp – scheme – Pharo – phratch – scratch – erlang – elixir – julia – …

    Kstar – stellarium – …

    and some packages from KXStudio:
    Cadence – Cadence-JackMeter – Cadence-JackSettings – Cadence-Logs – Cadence-Render – Cadence-XY Controller – Catarina – Catia – Claudia – Claudia-Launcher – Carla – Carla-Control – …

    Sunvox (but it’s closed source, so we must use LMMS) – sfxr – …

    If yo want, I can help on some of these packages.
    Please reply by a comment on this page.

  8. oracular20@yahoo.com Says:

    Sagemath – Maxima – Cantor (KDE frontend for math apps) – Geogebra – kmplot – …

    Netbeans – ZeroBran Studio (love2d IDE) – Atom – Lighttable – …


    Game/Game engine:
    Spring – Irrlicht – Flightgear – Simgear – OpenSceneGraph

    and there is some libraries for graphics/audio/AI/… programming that here is not a good place to put their names.

  9. oracular20@yahoo.com Says:

    Another packages. Excuse me because of unsorted list:
    Openscad -Sweethome3d – Opencv – Kicad – ar-toolkit – pcb – iPython – Gnu Octave – RStudio- Latex-libreoffice-Extensions (LanguageTool – TexMath – DMaths – Writer2Latex) – avr-g++ -pydev -Haskell(EclipseFP) -iverilog
    freepascal – Castle game engine

  10. magluss@hotmail.com Says:

    Hi I took a while with Ubuntu Studio in version 14.04 and after a clean installation steps used to do after installing ubuntu studio. My question is . Now with Ubuntu Studio 16.04 What steps must be newly installed? I mean part of the update , the download server , update the language. Should I put ubuntu restricted extras or xubuntu ? Should I install videolan , libdvdccs2 , h264 , etc ? Or it is not necessary to enjoy this great distribution. Thanks for everything. Like to say that I would like to work despite my limitations with English (for now) to support this distribution for the Spanish world. If they can show me as I could despite my beginner level. Musical Greetings .Magluss


    Keep on the good work.
    I just wanted more apps for cameras. If i want to update firmwares from my cameras i have to use a PC, and i dont want to do that :)
    I’m a photographer and I use darktable, so my orientation will always be towards having more friendly pic viewers, apps that are simple and effective«. When i need to check pictures your pic viewers are always picky. The more simple the better. See picture, 100% view, easy to check details on the pic with the mouse and thats it. And if i want to resize a photo, you shoud have a simple way of doing it creating a new file by default. I’m always afraid of overwriting existing photos with resized photos. Things have to flow on an worflow :)


  12. gillen@karrakela.com Says:

    I would just add something extra for CAD and also something for web designers.
    Thanks for the effort!

  13. mzaloon@gmail.com Says:

    All Ubuntu Studio needs for full adoption in Studios is the following installed as standalone.


  14. estelledarwin@gmail.com Says:

    US is perfect for me.
    I take photos, make films, I want to play music again…. perfect!
    Maybe 3 things :
    . VLC ? (I use to play videos with this for many years, that’s all)
    . DIGICAM ? (really good)
    . KDE ? (I HATE XFCE !! I’ve tried to install KDE on the US 16.04 and… nothing! So, I’ve installed the Kubuntu version, and after US separately…. boring, long, but works perfectly)

  15. elmtree3000 Says:

    I have been using UbuntuStudio since 11.04. I really like the new 16.04. For a while XFCE was a little boring, as far as the interface was concerned, but now knowing how to configure linux in general more it is not something that bothers me. I find I spend more time installing and re-installing just for the sake of it in VMs and after trying out other distros I always end up back with straight up UbuntuStudio. I know how to set it up how I want quickly, and the menu layout just makes so much more sense for apps organization, as say in comparison to Gnome, which gives you all or nothing in one list. I have never been able to enjoy KDE. The XFCE desktop is light weight clean, simple, and customizable.
    My only wish for improvement is to have a quick and easy way to set up Jack Audio configurations. Of course getting my hands on some hardware that has actual Linux drivers and support would help greatly in this, and most likely fix all of my problems. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I just want to use Linux and make some music!
    Oh, and one other thing. Why no Audacious by default? I always end up installing it right away. Of course I’m still a fan of WinAmp, I aways hold to the past… Netscape for instance…. Anyway.

    Thanks for all the good work

  16. tomorobo Says:

    Hi all,

    I have just been using Ubuntu Studio for that last few weeks and I’m soo happy to see an AIO distro with everything in it that I would normally have spent hours configuring a fresh install of non open source software to be like. My knowledge of linux is not that great so pardon me if I make a suggestion that is something I could easily tweak myself but just did not have the current understanding to do so.

    – in the main menu please make photography its own icon, having it under graphic design hides commonly used applications quite deep with in the menu system. After trying to move the photography icon in the menu editor it seemed to mess a few things up.

    – If possible add native raw file support, the current included image viewer while handy doses not seem to support Olympus raw formats, and dark table while nice for editing is a bit slow to process and open them. If file manager could support full screen preview of raw files that would be super handy (maybe a simple space bar tap to toggle between full screen view and what ever the previous preview method was)

    – I didn’t have much luck with current video playback programs…. could vlc or even kodi be included?

    Thanks for the great work and I’ll continue to keep this as my base OS and learn more about Linux!

  17. tekes600 Says:

    dispalgui/displaycal should be added.
    it’s about calibrating and creating icc profiles for our monitors.
    everyone who is into design and color needs accurate color representation on his monitor.

    displaycal can be installed through 0install which includes argyll cms.
    being a huge fan and user of ub.studio 12.04/14.04

  18. sofuego Says:

    Agreed completely about DisplayCal and Natron.

    Also in terms of animation you should include the development snapshots of Synfig Studio and possibly OpenToonz (if BSD license is ok to include).

    I also eliminated your default video players and opted for vlc instead.

  19. baruch60610 Says:

    I had some serious difficulties with UStudio. One of the most annoying was the ‘snap’ way of installing software. This was unnecessarily restrictive. Aside from not being able to install many packages I like and rely on, I couldn’t even find a way to list the packages that were available.

    I had to use the command line version, because when I tried to log in using the GUI, I was consistently given an error message.

    I wanted VLC, for example. I like that program. I see no reason for excluding it.

    The most serious problem – and the reason I scrapped UStudio – was that the sound stopped working for MuseScore. I’m aware that there are fixes available, but in my opinion I shouldn’t have to use them. By now this problem should have been addressed and corrected. Evidently my expectations were naive.

    UStudio is a great idea that I find very interesting. I’d love to use it, since it gathers together so many of the packages I’d need for creative endeavors. Sadly, it’s not there yet…

  20. jddunn Says:

    I installed Ubuntu Studio and was disapointed. So I installed KXStudio on a different machine. UStudio is up level (16.04) from KXStudio (14.04), however UStudio comes without LinuxSampler. And it doesn’t seem to be in the repositories. That’s a major hit for me. In addition the “Software” application to load new software sucks. There is no progress indicator built in and no final screen saying “Its installed” Its very slow to read the installed repository. It apparently has to build the list before it can display any of it. That’s real old school. Also no progress or wait screen so you would think it just hung up. I hated KXStudio’s black on black on black theme. Please dont force this on UStudio. As an Alternate theme OK, but not the default.

  21. highonrope Says:

    Being a brand new user to the Linux world, I would love something that walks new users through the process of finding, installing and using ppa’s for this program. I am ready to take out the drive and stomp on it. It is very aggravating and makes me want to crawl back to my stupid MS os. It doesn’t have to be this hard, just a paragraph somewhere, even on the web page would be perfect. I guess it’s possible that you want it to be hard to keep newbies away, and if that is the case, you’ve done a great job of it. I have spent several hours now, scouring through the web trying to find the information I need, and haven’t had any luck at all. I am going outside to shoot my computer now.

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