Ubuntu Studio


Supported Releases

The currently supported Ubuntu Studio releases are:

Getting Help

Please first make sure you have read the release notes of the Ubuntu Studio version you are using, including any known issues, linked above. You will also find dedicated documentation on Ubuntu Studio at the community wiki.

Please do not seek help using methods other than those listed below.

Support Methods

  • Ask Ubuntu is the best way to receive support, and the preferred support method. It is monitored by much of the Ubuntu community, and answers to your questions can be edited in the future. You might even find the answer to your question there! (remember, Ubuntu Studio is Ubuntu!)
  • The Ubuntu Studio User mailing list is a great way to get support via email. Simply ask your question, and if somebody knows the answer, you will get a response.

Via Chat and Instant Messaging

Please note: The real-time nature of chat and instant messaging means it is usually the fastest way to get help, but also that you might have to stick around for a while until someone is able to answer your question. Chat and Instant Messaging is not the preferred support method.

  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat): #ubuntustudio on irc.freenode.net.  There are several methods to join:
    • Click Here to Join or use the shortcut in the application menu at Ubuntu Studio Information → Ubuntu Studio IRC
    • Use your favorite IRC client. More information on IRC usage, along with further useful channels, can be found at the community wiki.
    • If you get no answer after waiting for some time, Click Here to learn about more ways to get IRC help.
  • The Telegram Instant Messenger is available in the Ubuntu repositories (telegram-desktop), and also available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Once installed, simply join the Ubuntu Studio Support group via this link.

Additional Resources

Linux Musicians is an active forum on topics related to music creation on Linux.

Many of the major software have their own resources and communities, such as:

Ubuntu Studio uses Xfce as its desktop environment, thus questions concerning that can be directed at the related communities as well.

If you have questions about using Windows software via Wine, WineHQ is a good resource to check for known compatibility issues and workarounds.