Ubuntu Studio

Want to help making Ubuntu Studio a great OS for creative humans?

Most of the work we do does not require any special skills, so more or less anyone can contribute!

To start contributing right away, simply read ubuntustudio.org/contribute and follow instructions. If you’d like to get up to speed on what is happening right now, please read on.

In order to survive as a volunteer project, we need contributors of all skill levels

Ubuntu Studio is and has always been a volunteer project created by enthusiasts to provide a free and open source operating system aimed at multimedia production. And in order to continue existing, we need continuous reinforcements of new contributors.

There are probably many reasons to why Ubuntu Studio is not attracting a lot of contributors. This time around we are trying to address some of that and really trying to reach out to people. If you want to help with this, please spread this post in any way you can!

Help us develop Xenial Xerus, the next LTS

A new 6 month cycle of development begins, and we are in desperate need of contributors!

We have just released Wily Werewolf, and are beginning development on the next LTS version of Ubuntu Studio , so you would be participating from the start. We are about 6 months from release. You may help us out for the whole period, or only parts of it – this is up to you.

We will need help in these areas:

  • Testing (ISO and application testing)
  • PR and Support (communicate with the community)
  • Documentation (both written, and video)
  • Artwork (desktop look, website look)
  • Packaging and Application development

If you think you can assist us in any way, please read ubuntustudio.org/contribute and begin from there!

A more thorough information about the help we require can be found on our mail list at: lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2015-October/006970.html

Project lead vote in January 2016

Would you like to participate in deciding who is to lead the Ubuntu Studio project for a two year period, starting April 2016? Or, are you perhaps someone with the drive to take on the project yourself? In both cases, you should start by involving yourself in the development process.

During the following weeks we are preparing the procedure for the whole thing. How candidacies are to be announced and evaluated, and how we do the actual vote. All of this is something you can participate in.

More information

Curious to know more about what Ubuntu Studio is? Check out these pages at our developer wiki:

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