Ubuntu Studio

Precise and linux-lowlatency-3.2 EOL

Since 3 years has become a new standard as the support period for Ubuntu flavor LTS releases, we decided to end support for Ubuntu Studio 12.04 Precise Pangolin after 3 years.
While we do that, we also end support for linux-lowlatency 3.2. The most recent update will be the last one.

If you are still running Ubuntu Studio 12.04, you are adviced to upgrade to the latest LTS (14.04).

3 Responses to “Precise and linux-lowlatency-3.2 EOL”

  1. Bart Woolery Says:

    12.04 kernel seems to be better lowlatency than the new one. Any advice for improving the latency performance? It’s still workable, but makes me nervous…

  2. Padi Phillips Says:

    I think you are very mistaken about the Ubuntu LTS support life, it used to be for 3 years on desktop versions, and for five years with server versions, however this policy has now changed, abd both desktop and server distributions receive five years of support.


  3. Jimmy Sjölund Says:

    The LTS life cycle differ between Ubuntu Desktop and other Ubuntu flavours. Ubuntu Studio are using the LTS length of 3 years, just as other flavours do.