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Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Release Candidates needs testing!

Dear Ubuntu Studio developers, testers and fellow users:

We are now near the final release of Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Raring Ringtail). We now need a full force of testers to help us do the testing of the release candidate images!

Sure, you may ask: What’s the point of testing dailies, when the official RC images hasn’t landed in the ISO QA Tracker[1]?

The following message is an answer from the Ubuntu Release Team to Phill Whiteside (Lubuntu QA Lead) last evening (UTC time):
>> Pretty much everything from here forward (well, as of today’s crons, anyway) could be considered RC material.
>> Everything we’re producing this week is an RC until we stop spinning and declare a winner.
>> So, I’d rather you just encourage people to test early and often all week, rather than fret over “the RC”, of which there is none.
>> (Or there are many, depending on how you look at it)
>> All of them.
>> And lots.
>> Even when something *has* 100% test coverage, it STILL needs testing.
>> Because not all testers are created equal, and some do weird things to find new and fun bugs.
>> So, really. Just ask people to beat the crap out of the ISOs over the weekend and file bugs.

Let me clarify: There is NO SINGLE RC. All the dailies produced now until official release are RCs. So please, download a daily image of Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)  in [2] and start testing!

You don’t necesseraily have to report results in the ISO QA Tracker (for now, since the RC milestone hasn’t been created in there). However, you DO have to report bugs for us:) When you target a bug, try to identify the package that causes the bug and file a bug using “apport-bug <packagename>”. Please, though, after the bug is filed please also report the bug against the “Ubuntu Studio” project (as long as that package is in Ubuntu Studio), by clicking “Also affect project” so that we can track the bug.

I will send a e-mail again when we DO have the milestone in the ISO QA Tracker.

Have fun testing!

[1] iso.qa.ubuntu.com

[2] cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/dvd/current

2 Responses to “Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Release Candidates needs testing!”

  1. login.ubuntu.com/+id/CtsyRFE Says:

    Hello I’m wrote from Poland :).Sorry for my english :)
    Yesterday I start testing new Ubuntustudio. Finaly my new notebook find wifi with 0 problems :)
    All off apps which I used everyday works fine :)
    Bledner, Audacity, bluefish, Chromium, Tux Guitar etc. Everything is OK..

  2. Kaj Ailomaa Says:

    Thank you for participating! If you would like to help us again, do not be a stranger. You can find more info in our “Contribute” page.