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Ubuntu Studio Merchandise

We’re happy to announce our new webshop! Check out our new page for it at ubuntustudio.org/merchandise.

For the past few months we’ve been working on setting up a webshop at ubuntustudio.spreadshirt.net.
Using design elements from classical Ubuntu Studio artwork, and by reinventing it, a simple clean design was created for the first set of products offered at the webshop.

To begin with we are offering t-shirts and mugs.

This webshop is intended for Ubuntu Studio merchandise, but Ubuntu Studio will not be receiving commission from sales. It exists solely for the fun of it, and if you like, to promote the Ubuntu Studio brand and philosophy.

The person behind realizing the webshop is our team member Antoine Thomas a.k.a ttoine, and he is also the person licensed to allow spreadshirt to sell our products.
Since Ubuntu Studio contains the word Ubuntu, which is a trademark of Canonical Ltd, we are required to ask Canonical for permission to sell products using that trademark.
One of the conditions in the license is that we do not take commission of sales.

The excellent artwork for these first products was all done by our art lead Zak Frappan a.k.a madeinkobaia.

In the picture to the right you can see an example of the blue color t-shirt, worn by myself.

/Kaj Ailomaa a.k.a zequence – Ubuntu Studio project lead

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