Ubuntu Studio

Oneiric Release Notes

Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia editing/creation flavor of Ubuntu, built for the GNU/Linux audio, video, and graphics enthusiast or professional.

The Ubuntu Studio team is very excited over its tenth release: Oneiric Ocelot 11.10, available as a 1.8GB (i386) or 1.9GB (amd64) DVD iso image from http://ubuntustudio.org/downloads/

Unfortunately, the Ubuntu Studio suffered an almost complete team fail during this cycle. This can be general categorized into two main reasons: normal, expected attrition experienced during most cycles and unforeseen circumstances that required team members to be absent.

The active Ubuntu Studio team members are not paid contributors or developers, we are all volunteer.

We apologize for any deficiencies in this release. But, you can always help us make the next one better ;)


Currently, Ubuntu Studio is shipping the -generic kernel. Excitingly, this kernel should allow users to set irq priorities, which means a real time kernel is no longer required for this task! Firewire users should be excited about this.

We are working with the Ubuntu Kernel Team to get a -lowlatency kernel into the archives which will then ship, in addition to the -generic kernel, in Ubuntu Studio. An interim -lowlatency kernel is available in Allesio Bogani’s PPA.

If possible please report any testing results comparing the -generic kernel performance compared to the -lowlatency kernel performance at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime.

XFCE Transition

Some progress has been made but remains incomplete and not fully tested.


Ubuntu Studio does not currently use Unity as it is transitioning to XFCE.

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