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Ubuntu Studio Development Meeting: April 7, 2018

On April 7, 2018, the Ubuntu Studio Development Team met. Among the items discussed were the following:
  • Looking into changing or adding wallpaper for 18.04
  • Install-time package selection bug fixed, request for testers.
  • ubuntustudio-controls to be updated for 18.10 to add the following features:
    • set cpu governor, turn on/off Intel Boost
    • choose audio device
    • run jack from session start (or not)
    • hotplugging USB mics selecting a non-standard set of outputs for pulse-jack bridging
    • Using more than one audio device even if internal
    • bridging ALSA midi to jack midi
    • a “Safely remove USB Audio Device” button
    • Future improvements to include tabs for video use or graphics setups.
  • Change in default Desktop Environment, or adding a Desktop Environment selection at install time is being considered for 18.10. Those discussed included
    • Gnome Shell
    • KDE Plasma
    • MATE
  • Adaptation of Ubuntu MATE welcome app for Ubuntu Studio is being considered for 18.10, would replace “ubuntustudio-installer”.
Anyone who can, please install the latest Daily ISO to test the install-time package selection. This is our final push to the RC on April 19th, so we need to find the bugs and get them gone.
A special thanks to all those who have tested and filed bug reports so far! We couldn’t do this without you!

One Response to “Ubuntu Studio Development Meeting: April 7, 2018”

  1. stalinvlad@yahoo.co.uk Says:

    I am all for a new DE, XFCE belongs to 2008 not 2018
    I was always a KDE fanboi, more C++ than objective-C
    Apple what?
    Why isn’t there a webkit UI?
    How about a “snap” that runs on a chromebook?

    I <3 KDE on FreeBSD

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