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Ubuntu Studio 17.04 Released

We are happy to announce the release of our latest version, Ubuntu Studio 17.04 Zesty Zapus! As a regular version, it will be supported for 9 months. Since it’s just out, you may experience some issues, so you might want to wait a bit before upgrading. Please see the release notes for a complete list of changes and known issues.

Changes in this Release


  • system-config-printer-gnome replaced with system-config-printer
  • Added pm-utils


  • Krita has been added back
  • Darktable is removed from 32bit ISO due to lack of upstream support

You can get the installation images at our download page!

Want to help out?

Ubuntu Studio is maintained by a very small team and we are actively seeking new contributors. We are looking for developers, packagers and testers. Even if you are interested in contributing outside these areas, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your contribution is precious regardless of your field of activity. We are open to volunteers with all expertise levels. Just head over to our contribute page to find out how to get started.

Found a bug?

Taking the time to report bugs makes a huge difference; it’s the first step towards improvement! Clear and specific bug reports is the best way to get attention to a problem that needs fixing. The easiest way to create a bug report is with the terminal.

Open one up and type: ubuntu-bug <package>

Read more about this at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs

5 Responses to “Ubuntu Studio 17.04 Released”

  1. shaofu Says:

    hey goodfolk
    thank you for the great work on the OS
    it has been a boon and a blessing

    one issue, since upgrading to 17.04, the CALF plugins and instruments no longer work with ARDOUR5
    freezes up, makes a weird buzzing noise
    never happened before

    i have sent error reports, but thought i would give a shout out

    otherwise, thank you so much for this distro…

  2. marcellendi Says:

    Same issue here. I can’t upgrade to 17.10 due to crashing of Ardour using Calf. I use Calf in all my projects. So I had to downgrade my system back to 16.10….

  3. marcellendi Says:

    17.04 I mean????

  4. edoard Says:

    thanks for info..

  5. magomed-kei Says:

    @shaofu @marcellendi

    The crashing of Ardour is apparently caused by calf-ladspa package… removing it fixes the problem.
    Terminal Command: sudo apt-get purge calf-ladspa

    1- Purge(un-install) the whole Calf packages and Ardour
    2- Add KXStudio PPA (Instructions on their site)
    3- Install calf-plugins-git and Ardour from KXStudio’s repositories(PPA)
    They have updated Ardour and Calf plugins.

    Also another minor bug:
    Youtube videos seems to stop working while jack is enabled, HTML5 playback also is no use.
    Disabling jack while browsing fixes it.

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