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Ubuntu Studio 15.04 Vivid Vervet released!

Another short term release is out. Not much is new, but some of the most obvious changes are:

  • new meta package: ubuntustudio-audio-core (includes all the core stuff for an audio oriented installation)
  • XFCE 4.12

If you want to know more, please have a look at our release notes.

You can find the downloads at our download page.

/ Ubuntu Studio Team

2 Responses to “Ubuntu Studio 15.04 Vivid Vervet released!”

  1. John Yorks Says:

    Upgraded today. Everything seems to work well. In my experience, there was always something, maybe a minor thing or two, that had to be worked around. But this seems very solid so far. Only non problem I noticed was a message when opening krita about a library being needed, but didn’t seems to affect using krita as far as I can tell. Maybe had something to do with exporting in certain formats? I don’t know. The screen saver going blank problem seems to be fixed in this version as well, so far. I only hope that future updates don’t produce some bugs, but that only happens from time to time with every distribution I guess. Thanks. I like this one.

  2. Jesse Steele Says:

    I can’t get 15.04 to boot from GRUB after installing. It starts by saying “ooting in secure mode. B”… kind of disorganized.

    14.04 would crash at the GRUB install stage. I’m using GRUB, custom partition along side Windows.

    And the plymouth screen renders incorrectly on two monitors. Lots of stuff isn’t centered. (Plymouth is important for creative users who want stuff done right.)

    Xubuntu, however, doesn’t have any of these problems. It installs, boots, and the plymouth centers correctly on multiple monitors.

    Could you guys please put fixing these on the to-do list for the next LTS? Pretty please? :-)

    I always install Studio from command line in Xubuntu. It really is great.