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Change your passwords! ubuntuforums.org was hacked

Hello Ubuntu Studio developers, contributors and users,
This is an emergency announcement.

The Ubuntu Forums is currently down for maintenance, including Ubuntu Studio’s sub-forum.
At 20th July, 2013 20:31 UTC, Canonical IS discovered that hackers have attacked the Ubuntu Forums, and has got hold of every users’ username and password. The Ubuntu Forums is down for maintenance 4 minutes later.
Canonical IS are trying to recover the service as soon as possible. Other Ubuntu services are not affected.
Please see https://ubuntuforums.org/announce/
If you are a Ubuntu Forums Ubuntu Studio sub-forum user, here are some suggestions on what you need to do.
1. Please change every password that is the same as your Forums account as requested by the Ubuntu Forums.
2. Please use other support channels to receive support. You can find support in the Ubuntu Studio user IRC channel (#ubuntustudio), Ubuntu Studio User and Support mailing list (ubuntu-studio-users@lists.ubuntu.com) or Ask Ubuntu (https://askubuntu.com).

Thank you for your attention.

Howard Chan (smartboyhw)
Ubuntu Studio Release Manager

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